Empowering Communities in Need: A Call to Action

Help us bring water and resources to communities in Chumakook and others in Warrap, South Sudan.

There is a dire humanitarian crisis in Chumakook communities, Warrap, South Sudan. The communities are plagued by poverty, malnutrition, and lack of essentials, including limited access to clean water, healthcare, and medication. Families struggle to meet basic needs due to food scarcity — there is an urgent need to address challenges and mobilize support for a better life.

Help us to make clean water a reality by helping those who need it most. 

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Our efforts go beyond charity; we aim to uplift people experiencing poverty and support sustainable development practices. Through the investment in water infrastructure and holistic solutions, our vision is to facilitate positive change for Chumakook by fostering resilience.

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The Challenges

  • Extreme poverty leading to malnutrition and health issues.
  • Lack of clean water sources leading to dehydration and illnesses and forcing people to walk long distances.
  • Limited access to healthcare facilities and essential medications.
  • Absence of basic necessities like food, clothing, and sanitation products.

Proposed Solutions: Our Plan for Change

  • Well Construction: $15,000 will pay for the installation of three wells in three remote villages, providing a source of clean water for drinking as well as water for irrigation and livestock.
  • Solar-Powered Pumping Systems: With the help of solar panels, water will be pumped into storage
    tanks utilizing solar energy to enable an uninterrupted and stable supply to the village.
  • Menstrual Hygiene: The supply of sanitary pads promotes a crucial and frequently ignored element in women’s health by attending to hygiene needs.
  • Smart Agriculture: Providing modern farming equipment and know-how improves agricultural
    production, thus bringing about food security and economic stability.
  • Livestock Vaccination: The community saves its economy and develops resilience to economic shocks by immunizing livestock.
  • Clothing: A later stage goal includes providing clothing to communities where it is common for people to go barefoot and wear the same clothes without washing for weeks or months at a time.
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How to Help: Join us in Making a Change

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Your contribution is not just a philanthropic gesture but also an investment in humanity. It is a privilege to serve, and together, we can change lives in Chumakook and beyond. 

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